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Missing Children

I have been looking at missing children's cases for years. These are heartbreaking stories of abduction of our innocent. With any luck, you will recognize someone, and spread the word about this website. This website is dedicated to Etan Patz, Holly Ann Hughes, and Molly Ann Bish, all of which are vanished without explanation. You will see more about them below.

Etan Patz-

Missing May 25, 1979. Born October 9, 1972. Ronald Reagan designated May 25th as National Missing Children's Day (in a 1983 bill), in honor of Etan. The 6-year-old had begged his mother to let him walk to the school bus stop alone. Busy with his younger brother, she let him. The search for Etan Patz consumed New Yorkers. Stan Patz, a professional photographer, printed his son's image endlessly. Jose Ramos, an acquaintance of the lady that used to take care of Etan Patz, is the main suspect. In 1985 when a federal prosecutor, Stuart GraBois, was assigned to the case. Ramos admitted that he had taken a boy to his apartment that day. A police report was filed by detectives present for the interview. It says that while inside the apartment, Ramos gave the boy a glass of juice. Then making what he described as a sexual advance, he picked the boy up and held him against him. Then Ramos dropped an even bigger bombshell: "He was 90 percent sure that the young boy he took that day, May 25, 1979, was the same boy whose picture he saw both in the newspaper and on television, that being Etan Patz," GraBois said. "At that moment, we believed that we had the right person."
Stan Patz is now convinced that his son was brutally assaulted and murdered at the hands of Jose Ramos. "I believe this man stalked my son. I believe he lured him back to his apartment. I think he used him like toilet paper, and I think he threw him away....I want him to admit it," said Stan Patz. Twenty-one years later, the pain of that day has not lessened. In May, Patz planned to send Ramos a package, as he has for years. Said Stan Patz: "This is the poster that I send to Ramos...twice a year: on Etan's birthday, October 9th - and on May 25th...And I type on the back, ...'What have you done with my little boy?'" When asked if he imagines himself coming face to face with Ramos, Stan Patz said he does: "I would ask him that question: 'What did you do to my little boy? I want an answer.'" AND SO DO WE. September 2000 update: Ramos was denied parole and is not scheduled for further review until 2003. Yes! CBS News supplied most of this information, obtained from their article: "What Happened to Etan Patz?"

Molly Ann Bish-