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Researching: Kopciak & Kamenmacher

Hello, and welcome to the Kopciak and Kamenmacher research page! These are two very uncommon Jewish surnames. *Dec. 2007: If you arrived here by performing a web search for "Kamenmacher," we have to talk! If you believe you may be a part of this extended family, please write to me at now, even if you're not sure. (I say this because, through a traffic-tracker site, I've discovered that many vistors spend a lot of time here, but remain anonymous -- please, don't be a stranger!) Before clicking on the links below, scroll down to learn more about this family. Also, please note: We have far more information and incomplete branches than what appears on this site, due to privacy concerns. Over winter break, I will try to clean this page up and add more information.

 Kamenmacher Findings - online finds mentioning the name Kamenmacher or close spellings.
 "Online" Kamenmachers - discovered via this site, here's another Kamenmacher family, obviously linked to ours, but we have not found the connection.
 Kopciak Findings - random things I have found online which mention the name Kopciak or close spellings.
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Alternate Spellings

Note: Some Kamenmacher branches changed the name to MILLER/KAMMEN in America.
(It is entirely possible that there are more alternate spellings of which I am unaware).

The Kamenmacher Tree


Kamenmakher (Vilna, Troki) O: comb maker [Yiddish].

Aaron-Yehudi (Aron Leib) Kamenmacher married Chauna Ruchla, children Shemaryahu, Chuna-Lazer (Elchanan Eliezer), Berul, Redchrood, Ita-Kraindel

Shemaryahu married Chava Kopciak, children: Aron Leib, Jankiel Srule Pinhus (Jack), Sholom Boruch (Benjamin), (Srul Boruch) Herman, Harry

*Some Kamenmacher branches changed the name to MILLER in the USA.

Chuna-Lazer (Elchonon Eliezer) married Malka Morgenstern, children: Rose, Liba, Menachim

Berek (Berul) married Devorah Bassov, children: Aron Leib, Charna (Cheska), Yachad, Bluma Ester, Ha´ka, and Doba

Rachma/Raicha married Aron Strycher, children: Mordechai, Mejer Lejs, Jankel Gersz, Riwa, Srul Boruch, Tauba , Abram, Wulf, Herschel, Israel, Czarna Ruchla, Tova