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Kopciak Findings

This is where I will place random things I find mentioning the name Kopciak. I'm trying tirelessly to connect names and dates from various databases together, and with members of our tree.

Jewish Records Indexing (JRI) Poland

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Searching for Surname KOPCIAK
in data added or changed since November 1997

Town: Biala Podlaska PSA BMD 1878-1900
Gubernia: Siedlce / Province: Lublin
(records in Fond 113 in Lublin Archive)
Located at 5202’ 2308’
Last updated May 2001


Town: Lodz PSA BMD 1899,1900
Gubernia: Piotrkow / Province: Lodz
(records in Fond 1568 in Lodz Archive)
Located at 5145’ 1928’
Last updated June 2001


Town: Miedzyrzec Podlaski PSA BMD1869-1900
Gubernia: Siedlce / Province: Lublin
(records in Fond 113 in Lublin Archive)
Located at 5159’ 2247’
Last updated September 2001

KOPCIAKLeia Fejga1886M3  
KOPCIAKAbram Abus1897M24  
JAWERBAUMFrejda Elka1897M24  
KOPCIAKIcko Jankel1900D46  

Town: Radzyn Podlaski BM1848-62 D1848,50-53,59-62
Gubernia: Lublin / Province: Lublin
Located at 5147’ 2237’
Last updated February 2001

KOPCIAKSrul Leyb1848B3515  Szmulowicz753332 13-Dec-1848 
KOPCIAKSzymon1848D5777  Ickowicz753332  50
KOPCIAKEster1848D6378   753332  6
KOPCIAKAbram1848D6981  Srulewicz753332  18
KOPCIAKSara Leja1848D7282   753332  4
KOPCIAKSzyndla1848M111   753332Radzyn Podlaski  
BURAKBurak Peysach ?1848M111   753332Radzyn Podlaski  
KOPCIAKAbram Szymon1849B2123  Ickowicz753332 03-May-1849 
KOPCIAKAbram Szymon1850D3417  Ickowicz ?753332  2
KOPCIAKMoszek1851D421  Ickowicz753332  70
KOPCIAKRuchla Leja1852B3637  Srolowna ?753332 15-Apr-1852 
KOPCIAKDawid1852B3738  Srolowicz ?753332 16-Jun-1852 
KOPCIAKFrimet1852B3839  Srolowna753332 02-May-1852 
KOPCIAKChana1852D6137  Srolowna753332  6
KOPCIAKMala gitla1853B411  Ickowicz753332   
KOPCIAKDobra1853D4529   753332  67
KOPCIAKFryda Ruchla1858B1111Icek JankielSura ? 753332   
KOPCIAKRubin1859M2415   753332Radzyn Podlaski  
SOJMHOLTZ ?Malka1859M2415   753332Radzyn Podlaski  
KOPCIAKHenia1862B5178   753332   
KOPCIAKLaja ? Fajga1862B7983   753332   
KOPCIAKChinda1862B10985   753332   

Town: Warsaw Marriages 1937-39 (Glos Gminy)
Gubernia: Warszawa / Province: Warszawa
Located at 5215’ 2100’
Last updated September 1999

KOPCIAKJenta RojzaAugust-1937 September-193713
SZTERENSZTEJNMajerAugust-1937 September-193713
KOPCIAKJosef LejbFebruary-1938 April-193824

Canadian Immigration Records, 1925-1935

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Surname: Kopciak
Given name: Liba-Leja
Age: 16
Sex: F
Nationality: Pol
Date of arrival: 1927/06/25 (YYYY/MM/DD)
Port of arrival: Halifax , Nova Scotia
Ship: ESTONIA , Baltic American
Reference: RG76 - IMMIGRATION, series C-1-b
Volume: 1927 volume 10
Page: 139
Microfilm reel: T-14811
Found on 2/17/2002